Irish Team 2017 Annnounced

The AKSI Nationals were held last Saturday in Cullohill, Co Laois.  It had everything a national kettlebell competition needed, lifters ranging in age from 6-65yrs and a great atmosphere with everyone supporting each other. Congratulations to all of the lifters who made the Irish Team for the IGSF – International Gira Sport Federation European & World Championships.

Andrea O’Neill
Nicola McEvoy
Claire Moloney
Jenny Dunne
Maggie Magee
Suzi Doherty
Kitty Hartrey
Laura Mullen
Claire Conroy
Tanya Buckley Granaghan
Eva-Maria Dunne
Eddie Sheehan
Alan Hudson
Colin Reidy
Kieran O’Sullivan
David Keohan
David Murray
Luke Dunne
Gary Ryan

Thank you to everyone who made our day such a great success in particular the crew at Laois Girevoy Club.


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