Four Nations Tournament (GSU)

Just like Rugby, kettlebells also has a Nations Tournament. On 2nd March 2019 AKSI will host the Irish leg of the GSU Four Nations Tournament in Kilkenny which sees Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales battle it out on the platforms.

Since 2012, the Four Nations Tournament challenges kettlebell athletes from across the Four Nations, Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales  to step up to the platform over a series of four competitions to represent their country as a whole, accumulate points for their club and determine who really is the best kettlebell athlete in each weight category across the 4 nations.

At the end of the tournament series the Ultimate Four Nations Champions will be crowned alongside with the Best Performing Club/Team and Top Country.

Entrants will be able to track their progress, and that of their club and/or country throughout the season through the online league table.

General Regulations
In order to enter the Four Nation’s an individual must be a member of GSU, (membership can be paid along with entry to your first Four Nations competition).

Non members can still take part in GSU competitions; however, their results will not count towards individual, club or country scores.

See the GSU website for further information