Grass Roots Kettlebell League

Throughout the year AKSI clubs nationwide will host 5 minute competitions to help encourage and facilitate entry into Kettlebell Sport. We’re teaming up with the Grass Roots Kettlebell League on these events.

The 5 minute competitions are aimed in particular at beginners to kettlebell sport but experienced lifters can also complete. Competitors lift in 1 /2 or 3 of the main lifts, Jerk , Snatch and long cycle for 5 min sets. Competitors can lift in one or more event and use single or double kettlebells, for both male and female athletes.

There are no weight classes, just the following categories
Junior Female (16 and under), Female Grassroots, Intermediate Female, Experienced Female.
Junior Male (16 and under), Male Grassroots, Intermediate Male &  Experienced. Male. 

Medals will be given per lift in grassroots and junior categories and over all in the Intermediate and Experienced categories

Grassroots categories are for beginners and those who are relatively new to kettlebells, for women competing on 8kg-14kg and men 12kg-22kg

Intermediate categories are for those who have more experience women who lift 16kg-22kg and men who lift 24kg-30kg. Anyone who holds a place on the Irish team is Intermediate. You are permitted to use lighter weights but you are the intermediate category.

Experienced categories are those who lift at professional level so 24kg and up for Female, 32kg and up for male

Note: You are assigned your category from the heaviest weight you lift e.g if a women does 1 arm long cycle with 24kg and does all other lifts on 16kg she is in the Experienced category.

Junior categories
As Junior members continue to grow sometimes we will divide junior categories down further by age, depending on how many juniors are registered.

To enter the Grassroots Kettlebell League add €6 (costs £5stg) this is a one off payment for the year. (April-April).


Scoring is based on points awarded for each kettlebell, its loaded so the higher the weight the more points it attracts, simply it is reps multiplied by kettlebell rating.
e.g. A male lifter competes in Jerks with 2x 16kg bells and completes 63 reps, this would give a jerk score of 63(reps) x 2.8(16kg rating) x 2(number of bells) to give a total score of 352.8.
A female lifter competes in Snatch with a 16kg bell and completes 102 reps, this would give a snatch score of 102(reps) x 2.8(16kg rating) x 1(number of bells) to give a total score.

You may also enter your scores onto the online grassroots league, £5 to enter, all scores going into the table, this will push towards our end of year event and prize giving we will be looking to provide individual and club prizes. Registration can be done on line or at any grassroots event.

See Grass Roots Guide grassroots-guide-v2-1

For Further details see the Grass Roots Kettlebell League Website