Ultimate Girevik Cup

The Ultimate Girevik Cup is a kettlebell half marathon league held over 3 Seasons.
Worldwide results are compiled online at the end of Season 3 each year.

Season 1: 01.01.2018 – 15.04.2018
Season 2: 16.04.2018 – 31.07.2018
Season 3: 01.08.2018 – 25.11.2018

Submit your video or arrange to perform your set at an AKSI competition with IKMF Rep in Ireland Dermot O’Neill by emailing kettlebellsportireland@gmail.com

◾Long Cycle
◾Half snatch

Each athlete has 30 min to perform as many repetitions as possible without placing his/ her kettlebell down. The athlete may change hands at will. If the athlete puts the kettlebell down before the 30 minutes are over, his results will be voided (score = 0).

Athletes must compete in the same discipline at each of the 3 stages throughout the league, but may use different kettlebell sizes. If any athlete wants to, it is possible to compete in more than one discipline, but it recuires at least one submission for each discipline at each of the 3 stages.

Athletes compete according to their discipline and weight category, using a coefficient based on the kettlebell size they chose to lift.

Weight divisions
◾Women: -60, 60-70, +70kg
◾Men: -75, 75-85, +85kg
◾Weight fluctuations: an athlete may end up being in different weight classes over the course of a year. However, his/her heaviest weight category will be used for the final score.
◾In the case of a tie, the athlete with the lowest body weight wins.

Age divisions
Age is calculated according to the athlete’s year of birth, NOT the actual birthday.
◾Junior division: Under 15 ( use the women KB coefficients)
◾Open division: 15-49 years
◾Veteran division: Over 50 (Veterans are free to compete in the open class)

Kettlebell size & coefficients
8kg                 16kg          *1
10kg               18kg          *1,25
12kg               20kg         *1,5
14kg               22kg          *1,75
16kg               24kg          *2
18kg               26kg          *2,25
20kg              28kg           *2,5
22kg              30kg           *2,75
24kg              32kg           *3
26kg              34kg           *3,25
28kg              36kg           *3,5
30kg              38kg            *3,75
32kg              40kg            *4

Score = repetitions * KB coefficientScore

The score from each season is accumulated into a final total score.

 If you cannot make the AKSI competition you may submit your entry by video to our IKMF Rep Dermot O’Neill for review to  kettlebellsportireland@gmail.com

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