WKSF World Kettlebell Sport Championships 2019, Meath, Ireland

Following our successful bid to WKSF, AKSI is delighted to host the 2019 WKSF World Kettlebell Sport Championships in Ireland in May 2019.

Venue: Gormanston Park, Gormanston,  Meath

Date: 23rd-26th May 2018

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Event Programme

Thursday 23.05.2019 – Arrival of athletes and weigh-in

Friday 24.05.2019 – Long Cycle- Men, Women and disabled athletes
Weigh-in for athletes competing on Saturday is available throughout the day

Saturday 25.05.2019 – Women’s Biathlon, Women’s Snatch, Male Junior Snatch, Female *Male Junior Snatch
Weigh-in for athletes competing on Sunday is available throughout the day

Sunday 26.05.2019 – Men’s Biathlon, *Men’s Snatch, Relay Men and Women

                *New event for 2019 Men’s Snatch- (amateur only)

Weight Categories

Weight category Women: 52kg, 58kg, 65kg, 75kg,+75kg

Weight category Men: 63kg, 68kg, 74kg, 80kg, 87kg, 95kg,+95kg

Weight category Junior Women(U22): 48kg, 58kg, +58kg

Weight category Junior Men (U22): 52kg, 62kg, 72kg, +72kg


Men’s Biathlon, Long Cycle and Snatch only

Women’s Biathlon (double jerk and snatch), Long Cycle (talc and oalc) and Snatch only

Age Categories & weights

Full details on Age Categories and weights are contained in the document below

WKSF Application details

Travel, Accommodation & Other Details

We have prepared the document below to help you plan your travel and accommodation arrangements. We hope you find it helpful.

WKSF_2019_Information Booklet


Please contact the WKSF rep for your country to find out details regarding qualifications for your national team. For the Irish team our National qualifiers will be held in March.

Registration closes for all teams 23rd April 2018